Advanced Market Insights

Discover your business drivers

What is really driving your business? Discover the best way to integrate global data in your business processes. Save money and time looking for relevant data. Our intelligent algorithms detect which external forces influence your sales.  Reveal and validate external demand drivers with Solventure LIFe’s advanced predictive analytics.

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Predictive Sales Planning

Helping you to reach sales targets

Are questions like: “How to convert more leads?” or “How to accelerate the sales process?” spinning through your head from time to time? Find answers with Solventure LIFe’s advanced predictive analytics. Manage your sales cycle and base your sales planning processes both on internal and external information.

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Strategic Business Planning

Better decision making

Find strategic guidance in our advanced predictive analytics. Discover the leading indicators for your business, and make informed decisions based on what really matters for you. Validate qualitative assumptions, and steer your business towards growth. Take a look at how our solution can help you.

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Predictive Demand Planning

Leading indicator forecasting

Our advanced predictive analytics empower you with demand planning practices that are going beyond your historical data. Rely on global indicators, that are following a same business cycle as your sales. Discover state-of-the-art predictive models, incorporating both internal and external information.

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Advanced Data Analytics

Tap into millions of global data

Browse through our database of global macro-economic indicators and save time and money finding those indicators affecting your business. Our database consists of more than 2 million indicators, covering European, North-American, Asia Pacific regions. Get access to endless global data including Macro-economic, consumer data, weather data…

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Our Approach

Combining advanced analytics with a customized approach

Years of experience working with organizations big and small has led us to where we are today, improving business practices with advanced predictive analytics. Where digital innovation awaits all of you, we embrace companies who look forward, and who want to get that step ahead.  Grasp your potential, discover how our intelligent data models and our trained consultants can help you achieve better decision making, both on strategic and tactical horizons, and which empower you with advanced market insights.


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