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Intuitive forecasting algorithms, ready to use!

Advanced Data Analytics

We see a lot of businesses struggle making sense of the business landscape they are in. Finding what is impacting their sales is an intense process, costing loads of money and time. At Solventure LIFe, we’ve invested years of academic research and operational experience to optimize this process. Today this results in our advanced predictive modeling tool. Providing a global database with more than 2 million of global macro-economic Indicators, helping you to improve your business processes. Dive into our global data and discover underlying correlations!

Determine Correlations

Discover leading indicators

Match your internal metrics with the data in our datapool and save time discovering underlying trends influencing your business cycles. Define correlations that will help you improve your business planning practices.

Determine correlations
Global Data Cloud

Global Data Cloud

Data that matters

Rely on indicators that matter and that really have an impact on your business. Tap into our datapool consisting over more than 2 million global indicators, covering regions like Europe, North-America & Greater China.

Intuitive Algorithms

Advanced predictive analytics

Advanced predictive analytics help you reveal which indicators are relevant for your business. Using state-of-the-art predictive analytical software, that will help you save money and time and deliver better data models.

intuitive algorithms
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