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Market intelligence that delivers results.

Advanced Market Insights

Operating as a business in today’s volatile environment is a challenge. That’s why it is important to understand the tendencies in your market environment. Which leading indicators help you understand your sales pattern and improve your forecasts? Reveal unknown drivers with our advanced predictive analytics models. Strategic decision making becomes easier, with quantitative validation of your qualitative insights. Decisions on where to deploy sales resources or whether to close or open a distribution center, will be based on quantitatively validated market assumptions.

Determine Correlations

Leading Indicators

Match your internal metrics with the data in our datapool and save time discovering underlying trends influencing your business cycles. Define correlations that  improve your business planning practices.

Determine correlations
Easy reporting

Easy Reporting

Benchmark and Present

Validate current market assumptions and see how macro-economic factors are impacting your business. A variation of metrics enable benchmarking opportunities which you can easily insert in reports.

Global Data Cloud

Data Search Engine

Browse through our data cloud, containing global data covering different regions, industries, sources, frequencies… Follow indicators and get alerts when indicators are updated or when new data is available.

Global data cloud

Download E-Book

In this E-Book we explain how to improve market intelligence with advanced predictive analytics.


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