Demand planning practices to the next level.

Predictive Demand Planning

Good handling of demand data is one of the most vital concepts in any supply chain. The correct management of demand information can greatly influence the level of responsiveness and directly impacts customer service, inventory level and ultimately revenue. To serve the right customers with the right products at the right time, a good estimate of the demand is indispensable. Solventure LIFe’s advanced predictive analytics provides you with state-of-the-art statistical methods, identifying which external indicators are relevant to include in the demand planning processes.

Promotions & Events

Effective promotion planning

Our advanced solution helps you to define in which manner promotions and events are impacting the sales. Identifying their impact, provides you with a better insight in what drives your sales.  This enables better managing and planning future sales, ensuring the best ROI.

Promotions & Events
Determine correlations

Determine Correlations

Leading indicators

Match your internal metrics with the data in our datapool and save time discovering underlying trends influencing your business cycles. Define correlations that  improve your business planning practices.

Weather Information

Reveal the impact of weather on your sales

Reveal how weather impacts your sales, quantify the impact of weather on your sales and manage the financial impact of changing weather conditions. Solventure LIFe’s advanced predictive analytics converts the impact of weather in a business context and provide numbers a company can use to effectively plan and optimize operations.

Weather Information
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