Drive your sales, with thrustworthy sales forecasts.

Predictive Sales Planning

In the head of every sales manager, we see the same questions spinning… How to sell more? Bearing in mind that the answers to these type of questions depend on the business you are in, and what type of market you’re serving,  it’s not always that straight forward. But the importance of making the right decisions can be vital for the future of your sales department and business unit. Being able to make qualified decisions, not solely depending on gut feeling, but based on validated insights and data, is what you’re looking for!

Promotions & Events

Effective promotion planning

Our advanced solution helps you to define in which manner promotions and events are impacting the sales. Identifying their impact, provides you with a better insight in what drives your sales.  This enables better managing and planning future sales, ensuring the best ROI.

Promotions & Events
Macro-economic Indicators

Macro-economic Indicators

Include global macro-economic indicators

Selling in a global environment can be challenging. Our advanced predictive analytics let you discover what is driving your sales and how your business environment looks like. Understand fluctuations in your sales pattern by understanding the impact of external factors on your demand.

Weather Information

Reveal the impact of weather on your sales

Reveal how weather impacts your sales, quantify the impact of weather on your sales and manage the financial impact of changing weather conditions. Solventure LIFe’s advanced predictive analytics converts the impact of weather in a business context and provide numbers a company can use to optimize operations.

Weather Information
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