Data driven decision making.

Strategic Business Planning

In business, critical decisions are often based on qualitative assumptions, however more often they reside as unchallenged assumptions. Because the necessary facts & figures are difficult to obtain and time is limited. This results in poor decisions. Business plans should be armed with validated assumptions, based on the right information.

Macro-economic Indicators

Include global macro-economic indicators

Selling in a global environment can be challenging. Our advanced predictive analytics let you discover what is driving your sales and how your business environment looks like. Understand fluctuations in your sales pattern by understanding the impact of external factors on your demand.

Macro-economic Indicators
Global Data Cloud

Global Data Cloud

Data that matters

Rely on indicators that matter and that really have an impact on your business. Tap into our datapool consisting over more than 2 million global indicators, covering regions like Europe, North-America & Greater China.

Strategic Decision Making

Qualified decisions

Match your internal metrics with the data in our datapool and save time discovering underlying trends influencing your business cycles. Define correlations that will help you improve your business planning practices and make better strategic decisions.

strategic decision making
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