Volvo gains insights on Demand Drivers with LIFe


The excavator demand, one of Volvo CE’s productgroups shows a volatile sales pattern in the emerging markets. The purpose of this collaboration was to get a better grip on the sales and to be able to improve the forecasting process on a tactical horizon for the own demand, but also for the total market sales.

Name: Volvo Construction Equipment

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Industry: Automotive, Construction

Volvo Construction Equipment – Volvo CE –  is a major international company that develops, manufactures and markets equipment for construction and related industries. It is a subsidiary and business area of the Volvo Group.

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“The structured approach from Solventure was something we appreciated: very clear process approach, no data overflow, they showed a good understanding of our business constraints and the market constraints. Very good experience.” – Marie-Hélène Dumail, Director Market Intelligence @ Volvo Construction Equipment


  • Insight in unexpected drivers of the demand.
  • Forecast based on external factors, not solely on internal historical sales data.
  • Validation of which economic drivers are important for the excavator business.
  • Clear view on how much forecast improvement can be made for the specific regions in scope.
  • Strong still down to earth process steps.

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