Integrating macro-economic insights in your decision-making process

Our Approach

Every business is impacted by its macro-economic environment. Solventure’s macro-economic monitoring & forecasting methodology & solutions actively improve decision-making processes for different functions, in various different industries, and across geographical regionsWe empower processes with an external perspective by using matching indicator data for your end-market segments. Decision-making processes include sales planning & forecasting, demand management, and financial planning & analytics.

LIFe methodology - illustration

LIFe approach - Indicator Cloud

Indicator cloud

The road to empowering your forecasting process with advanced market insights starts by tapping into the right sources of data for each of your market segments. We connect with the world’s leading economic agencies to connect you with leading and up-to-date market statistics.

Proprietary data which you collect or acquire from industry-specific market agencies can be upload to create a consolidated indicator set for each of your end market segments. These combined sources provide a consolidated indicator set to add value to your sales planning & forecasting processes.


When connecting to a large set of data it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of indicators. We identify your different end market segments and identify which indicators are best fit for predicting your sales from both a statistical as well as a business perspective.

LIFe approach - Matching
LIFe approach - forecast modelling

Forecast Modeling

Determining which indicators should be used to predict each market segment is not an easy task! In most cases, multiple indicators are drivers of your demand. Even if you know which indicators are driving your sales it is often hard to determine their leading value. Our forecast methods can determine the relevant indicators together with their lag.

Early Warning Systems & Scenario Planning

Macro-economic forecasting methodologies outperform classic forecasting approaches in identifying and alerting upcoming inflection points. The early warning systems facilitate discussions on market directions and their expected impact. This further matures your S&OP and Demand Management Review meeting by including end market information and forecasts.

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