On demand webinar: Investor relations and LIFe: How to translate your company performance to the financial community?

What you will learn:

During this webinar we invite Carl Vanden Bussche, Vice President Investor Relations at Barco, and Prof. dr. Bram Desmet, CEO of Solventure, to talk about translating company results towards the financial community. From their experience they will indicate how leading indicator forecasting improves your company performance and builds trust within financial markets.

Key Take-aways: 

  • what information investors are looking for: how can you improve communicating your internal results to financial markets
  • how to create a better understanding of your business: build trust by showing you have the right and relevant insights regarding your business…
  • how can external information help: learn how external information expands the insights of the business
  • how to quantify external information: learn how advanced predictive analytics can translate qualitative assumptions into quantitative results

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