On demand webinar: Level up your demand planning! Boost forecast accuracy with leading indicator forecasting

What you will learn:

In this webinar we will show you how to deal with internal and external events like mergers or promotions in your sales forecasting process in order to find the underlying leading indicators that drive your demand. Our guests, Associate Prof. Nikolaos Kourentzes from Lancaster University and Prof. dr. Bram Desmet, Managing Director at Solventure, will help you to get a better understanding of your sales.

Key Take-aways: 

  • how to identify events and promotions: learn how to detect events and promotions in your sales
  • how to quantify external information: learn how advanced predictive analytics can translate qualitatieve assumptions in quantitative results
  • how to increase involvement between your teams: align sales, marketing & operational teams in order to grow your organization
  • how to set up weather scenarios: how to connect certain weather scenarios to certain product groups
  • how to improve forecast accuracy: reduce your forecast error by taking promotions & events and weather information into the equation

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